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Our logo is a minimalist line art of a husky, the nickname of our local schools, the Hewitt-Trussville Huskies. Trussville Pickleball is not affiliated with the schools, but we think it's important to show support and pride for our community. The idea of using the minimalist line art instead of the school mascot represents the idea that only a minimal investment in time and money is needed in order to enjoy playing pickleball.


The purpose of Trussville Pickleball is to provide the community a fun, recreational and competitive social activity; to provide instructional classes for all ages and skill levels; to promote competitive and fair play; and to promote and develop pickleball in Trussville and surrounding areas.


  • Trussville Pickleball uses the United States of America Pickleball Association (USAPA) and International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) Policies and Rules as the foundation for court play.
  • A supply of paddles for new players is available. We encourage participants to use the paddles during the first few weeks of play and then purchase a paddle so that others can enjoy.
  • A one-page rules sheet is available for participants.
  • Experienced players are on-site for development of new players and rule interpretation.
  • Participants are encouraged to help set up and take down nets and to return all equipment at the conclusion of play.

Grow Global, Start Local

The number who know about the sport and getting on the courts is quickly increasing. It's been called the fastest-growing sport in America. Please let us know if you play pickleball in the Trussville, Birmingham metro, or surrounding areas!